Six Flags TV was a channel located in some Six Flags locations.

Programs broadcast.Edit

Magic Mountain (Valencia, California)Edit

  • Johnny Test (2011-present)
  • Looney Tunes (1950s version and 1940s version; 2011-present)

Great Adventure (Jackson, New Jersey)Edit

  • Looney Tunes (1940s version and 1960s version; 2008-present)

New England (Agawam, Massachusetts)Edit

  • Looney Tunes (1950s version; 2011-present)

Over Georgia (Austell, Georgia)Edit

  • Looney Tunes (1960s version and 1940s version; 2011-present)

St. Louis (Eureka, Missouri)Edit

  • Looney Tunes (1960s version; 2001-present)

Great America (Gurnee, Illinois)Edit

  • Looney Tunes (1950s version, 1960s version, and 1930s version; 2006-present)
  • Modern Madcaps

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