Six Flags St Louis (formerly Six Flags Over Mid-America) is a Six Flags theme park located in Eureka, Missouri. It opened on June 5, 1971.

The park is divided into eight sections that are based on different themes - Illinois, 1904 World's Fair, Gateway to the West, Britannia, Chouteau's Market, Studio Backlot, DC Comics Plaza, and Bugs Bunny National Park.



An advertisement for the opening of Six Flags Over Mid-America featuring a host and hostess.

Six Flags began construction on Six Flags Over Mid-America in the late 1960s.



On June 5, 1971, Six Flags Over Mid-America opened to the public.

During the 1972 season, Grand Ole Carousel opened in England.

During the 1973 season Dodge City and Mo-Mo the Monster opened in Illinois. The Old Glory Ampitheater also opened.


During the 1976 season, Screamin' Eagle opened in Illinois.

During the 1977 season. Highland Fling opened in England.

During the 1978 season, Sky Chuter opened in England.


During the 1981 season, Jet Scream opened in USA.

During the 1982 season, The Buccaneer opened in USA.

During the 1983 season, Thunder River opened in Missouri.

Themed areas


Area Opened Description
Illinois 1989 Themed to the state of Illinois.
1904 World's Fair 1993 Themed to the Louisiana Purchase Exposition (1904 World's Fair) at Forest Park in St. Louis, Missouri.
Gateway to the West 1993 Themed to vintage Missouri.
Britannia 1994 Themed to medieval England.
Chouteau's Market 1995 Themed to a French sea market.
Studio Backlot 1995 Themed to Warner Bros. movies and Hollywood in general.
DC Comics Plaza 1997 Themed to the DC Comics multiverse.
Bugs Bunny National Park 2006 Themed to the Looney Tunes franchise.


Area Opened Closed Description
Spain 1971 Themed to the country of Spain
France 1971 Themed to the country of France
England 1971 Themed to the country of England
USA 1971 Themed to the United States of America
Missouri 1971 Themed to the state of Missouri
Looney Tunes Town 1985 2005 Themed to the Looney Tunes franchise

Roller coasters


Name Opened Area Manufacturer Ride type
River King Mine Train 1971 Gateway to the West Arrow Dynamics Mine train
Screamin' Eagle 1976 Illinois Philadelphia Toboggan Coasters Wooden roller coaster
Ninja 1989 Studio Backlot Vekoma Rides Manufacturing Custom MK-1200 steel roller coaster
Batman: The Ride 1995 Studio Backlot Bolliger & Mabillard Inverted steel roller coaster
Mr. Freeze: Reverse Blast 1998 DC Comics Plaza Premier Rides, Inc. LIM launched roller coaster
The Boss 2000 Britannia Custom Coasters International Wooden terrain roller coaster
Pandemonium 2007 Britannia Gerstlauer Gerstlauer Spinning Coaster
American Thunder 2008 1904 World's Fair Great Coasters International Wooden twister coaster
Boomerang 2013 Illinois Vekoma Rides Manufacturing Vekoma boomerang coaster


Roller Coaster Opened Closed Area Manufacturer Ride type
Rail Blazer 1971 1988 Arrow Dynamics Mine train coaster, trains changed to stand-up trains in 1984
Jet Scream 1981 1988 U.S.A Schwarzkopf Schwarzkopf Looping Star
Rockin' Roller 1975 2007 Looney Tunes Town Bradley and Kaye Bradley and Kaye Little Dipper

Other attractions


Attraction Opened Manufacturer Attraction type Area
The Log Flume 1971 Arrow Dynamics Arrow Dynamics Log Flume DC Comics Plaza
Moon Antique Cars 1971 Arrow Dynamics Arrow Dynamics Antique Car 1904 World's Fair
Six Flags Railroad 1971 Crown Metal Products Steam train Park-wide
Grand Ole Carousel 1972 Philadelphia Toboggan Company Carousel Britannia
SHAZAM! 1972 Eli Bridge Scrambler DC Comics Plaza
The Joker Inc. 1980 Intamin Worldwide Bounty-swinging ship Studio Backlot
Thunder River 1983 Intamin Worldwide River rapids ride Illinois
Colossus 1986 Carousel Holland B.V. Ferris wheel 1904 World's Fair
Tidal Wave 1991 Hopkins Rides Shoot-the-Chutes water ride Illinois
Xcalibur 2003 Ronald Bussink Professional Rides Ronald Bussink Professional Rides Evolution Britannia
Superman: Tower of Power 2006 Intamin Worldwide Intamin Worldwide giant drop Illinois
SkyScreamer 2011 Funtime Funtime StarFlyer Illinois
Tsunami Soaker 2014 Mack Rides Mack Rides Twist'n'Splash Chouteau's Market
Justice League: Battle for Metropolis 2015 Sally Corporation Interactive dark ride DC Comics Plaza
Fireball 2016 Larson International Larson International Super Loop Illinois
Spinsanity 2017 Zamperla Zamperla Mega Disk'O Chouteau's Market
Supergirl 2019 Zamperla Zamperla Endeavour Britannia


Attraction Opened Closed Manufacturer Attraction type Area
Mule-Go-Round 1971 1972 Unknown Merry-go-round with live mules. 1904 World's Fair
Injun Joe's Cave 1971 1978 Arrow Dynamics Water dark ride Spain
Super Sports Car Ride 1971 1979 Arrow Dynamics Arrow Dynamics Sports Cars USA
The Sky-Way 1971 1981 Von Roll Skyway ride Stations in USA and Illinois
Mississippi Adventure 1971 1982 Arrow Dynamics Arrow Dynamics boat ride Missouri
Tiltmore Hotel 1971 1982 Unknown Crooked fun house Missouri
Sky Chuter 1978 1982 Intamin Worldwide Intamin Paratower Unknown
Haunted House 1979 1982 Haunted House Company Haunted house Unknown
Action Factory 1979 1981 Intamin worldwide Intamin motion simulator & disco dance area Unknown
Happy Hotrods 1975 1984 Unknown Kiddie spinning car ride Goodtime Hollow
Fort Funtier 1975 1984 Unknown Kid's playground area Goodtime Hollow
Ball Crawl 1982 1984 Unknown Kiddie ball crawl Goodtime Hollow
Pet-A-Pet 1971 1985 Unknown Petting zoo 1904 World's Fair
Tunnel Del Tiempo 1979 1988 Arrow Dynamics Water dark ride Spain
The Condor 1988 1988 HUSS HUSS Condor Unknown
Elmer Fudd Constwuction Company 1985 1989 Unknown Kiddie sandbox Unknown
Yosemite Sam Summit 1985 1989 Unknown Unknown Unknown
Legends of the Dark Castle 1989 1991 Arrow Dynamics (building) Water dark ride Spain
Mo-Mo the Monster 1973 1994 Eyerly Aircraft Company Eyerly Aircraft Company Monster Unknown
Foghorn Leghorn Funasium 1985 1996 Unknown Kiddie ball crawl with slide Unknown
Speedy Gonzales Speedway 1990 1996 Unknown Kiddie battery-powered jeeps Unknown
Powder Keg 1971 1996 Intamin Worldwide Intamin Drunken Barrels Unknown
Porky Pig B-B-B Ball Park 1985 1999 Unknown Kiddie ball crawl Unknown
Road Runner Rally 1985 1999 Mason Corporation Roller racers/scooters Unknown
Castaway Kids Comic Book Adventure 1992 1999 Arrow Dynamics (building) Water dark ride Unknown
Tom's Twister 1972 2005 Chance Rides Chance Rides Rotor Unknown
Tweety's Flying Cages 1984 2005 San Antonio Roller Works Kiddie Ferris wheel Looney Tunes Town
Bugs Bunny Burrow 1985 2005 Unknown Kiddie tunnel crawl Looney Tunes Town
Cat Climb 1985 2005 Unknown Kiddie net climb with slide Looney Tunes Town
Eagle's Bluff 1998 2005 Unknown Climbing wall Unknown
Marvin's Maze 2000 2005 Unknown Kiddie maze Unknown
4-D Theater 2001 2005 Unknown 4D Theater Unknown
Great Race Speedway 2002 2007 Hampton Kiddie spinning car ride Unknown
Daffy Duck Duccaneer 2006 2007 Sartori Kiddie swinging ship Unknown
Slingshot 2002 2008 Unknown Funtime Sling Shot Unknown
Kiddie-Go-Round 1975 2010 Herschell Herschell kiddie carousel Unknown
Riverview Racer 1983 2010 Chance Rides Chance Rides Yo-Yo Illinois
Water Street Cab Company 1973 2012 Soli Soli Bumper Cars Illinois
Scooby-Doo! Ghostblasters: The Mystery of the Scary Swamp 2002 2014 Sally Corporation Water dark ride DC Comics Plaza
Rush Street Flyer 1987 2015 Chance Rides Chance Rides Falling Star Illinois
Turbo Bungy 2001 2015 Eurobungee Eurobungee bungee/trampoline Gateway to the West
Highland Fling 1977 2017 Schwarzkopf Schwarzkopf Enterprise Britannia


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