Six Flags Fiesta Texas is a theme park located in San Antonio, Texas. It opened on March 14, 1992.


Skyscreamer, a 200 foot tall FunTime Star Flyer, opened in 2012.

For the 2013 season, RMC built Iron Rattler, a steel hybrid of the original Rattler.

In 2014, Six Flags Fiesta Texas added Bahama Blaster to its water park.

Batman: The Ride, an S&S 4D Free Fly Coaster, opened in 2015.

In 2016, Fiesta Texas opened Fireball, Spinsanity, and Hurricane Force 5

For 2017, the park opened the Thunder Rapids, a water coaster.

In 2018, Six Flags Fiesta Texas will open Wonder Woman: Golden Lasso Coaster. This coaster is an RMC Raptor. It has single rail tracks and holds one seat per car, with 8 cars in a train.


Roller coasters

Flat Rides

  • Skyscreamer (2012)
  • Fireball (2016)
  • Spinsanity (2016)
  • Hurricane Force 5 (2016)

Water Rides

  • Bahama Blaster (2014)
  • Thunder Rapids (2017)

Defunct/Former Rides

  • Joker's Revenge (1996-2001)
  • The Rattler (1992-2012)
  • Power Surge (1992-2017)