Pigman is a Fright Fest character created by Six Flags in 1999. He is exclusive to Six Flags St. Louis, and made his debut in Terror Train: Pigman's Revenge during Fright Fest 1999, Fright Fest 2000, and Fright Fest 2004. He reappeared in Terror Train: Pigman... The Final Straw during Fright Fest 2005, and again in the Terror Train during Fright Fest 2008. For Fright Fest 2009, Pigman became the icon of the event for his 10th anniversary, and he appeared in Terror Train: The Legend Continues, and got his own haunted house, The Farmhouse Haunted Mansion.

For Fright Fest 2010, The Slaughter House debuted, with Pigman as the house's main character again. The house returned every single year afterwards. The house is rumored to be returning for Fright Fest 2018, with a new scare zone outside the house themed to Pigman and his minions.


Before he was known as Pigman, Mr. Drake was a pig farmer who lived on the property where Six Flags St Louis is now. Eventually, he was forced off of his land, a move that enraged him. After his death, Drake's spirit came back as a pig-faced demon, later known to everyone as Pigman. With his new form, he set off to attempt to destroy the park as revenge for his lost farm.