Pandemonium (Discovery Kingdom)
[[Image:Tony Hawk's Big Spin|250px]]
3D model of Pandemonium
Pandemonium (Discovery Kingdom)
Type Steel
Manufacturer Gerstlauer
Model Spinning Coaster Model 380/4
Height 53 ft
Length & Speed 1,351 ft & 31 mph
Pandemonium was a spinning roller coaster at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom. It was one of four Tony Hawk's Big Spin roller coasters that was in the Six Flags chain. The ride used the same concrete pad that Zonga stood before it was removed. in late 2010 Six Flags lost the rights to use Tony Hawk and all of the Big Spin roller coasters had all references to Tony Hawk removed until 2011 when Six Flags renamed all of the Big Spin roller coasters to Pandemonium . Discovery Kingdom's Pandemonium has also been awarded by the National Six Flags Corporation as the friendliest and cleanest of them all.In 2012 the ride was moved to Six Flags Mexico as The Joker to make room for Superman: Ultimate Flight.


  • This was the only spinning coaster in the Six Flags chain that was Gerstlauer "Model 380/4".

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