Magic Flyer
Teaser MagicFlyer LA
Magic Flyer
Type Steel
Manufacturer Bradley and Kaye
Model Kiddie Coaster
Height 10 ft
Length & Speed 350 ft & 10 mph
Magic Flyer is a kiddie coaster at Six Flags Magic Mountain that was originally located at Beverly Park in the 1940s. Then it was relocated to Six Flags Magic Mountain in 1971 as Clown Coaster. Then the ride was renamed Wile E. Coyote Coaster to fit in with Bugs Bunny World near it. In 1998 the ride closed to be remodeled to look like the larger Goliath roller coaster. Then in 2001, the ride reopened as Goliath Jr. and was painted in the same colors as Goliath. In 2008 Thomas Town made its debut and the ride was renamed to Percy's Railway to fit in with the theme and a new front car made to look like Percy the small green engine was added. In late 2010, Six Flags lost the rights to use Thomas and Friends and the ride was renamed once again to Magic Flyer.

External LinksEdit

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