2011 Ride Name Changes2012 Added Attractions/Rides2015 Added Attractions/Rides
Air JumboAir PenguinsAir Safari
Alpine BobsledApocalypse (America)Baja Ridge
BatmanBatman: The RideBatman: The Ride (Fiesta Texas)
Batman: The Ride (New Orleans)Batman and Robin: The ChillerBizarro (Great Adventure)
BoardwalkBoomerangBoomerang (Discovery Kingdom)
Bourbon Street FireballBugs BunnyBugs Bunny World
Colossus County FairCyclone (New England)Daffy Duck
DareDevil: Chaos CoasterDare Devil Chaos CoasterDarien Lake
Dark Knight (Great Adventure)DemonDesperado Plunge
Drop of DoomEl DiabloEl Toro
Elmer FuddFiesta Bay BoardwalkFlashback (New England)
French Quarter FlyersFright FestFrontier Adventure
Full ThrottleGolden KingdomGoliath
Goliath (Fiesta Texas)Goliath (Great America)Goliath (Magic Mountain)
Goliath (New England)Great American Scream MachineGreat Escape
Green LanternGreen Lantern: First FlightGreen Lantern (Great Adventure)
Halfpipe (America)Hammerhead SharkHoliday in the Park
Incidents at Six Flags parksIron WolfJambo
JesterJoker's JinxKiddee Koaster (Fiesta Texas)
Kidsongs Ride the Roller CoasterKingda KaKong
KraftKrypton CometLa Ronde
Lex Luthor: Drop of DoomLogos/GalleryLooney Tunes
Magic FlyerMedusaMedusa (Discovery Kingdom)
Merlin’s Seaside ToursMonkey BusinessMonsoon Falls
Mountain ExpressMr. FreezeMr. Six
New England Sky ScreamerNew Texas GiantNinja
Ninja (Magic Mountain)Ninja (St. Louis)Nitro
Odin's Temple of the TigerOrient ExpressPandemonium
Pandemonium (Discovery Kingdom)Pandemonium (Fiesta Texas)Pandemonium (New England)
Pandemonium (Over Texas)Pandemonium (St. Louis)Papa Jonh's Pizza
Porky PigPortal:CharactersPortal:Rides
Professor Phineas T. FlaggRagin' CajunRiddler's Revenge
Road RunnerRoadrunner Express (Discovery Kingdom)Roar (Discovery Kingdom)
Roller Coasters/GalleryRolling Thunder (Great America)Runaway Mine Train (Great Adventure)
Samurai SummitSarajevo Bobsled (Great Adventure)Scream! (Magic Mountain)
Seaside JunctionSeaside RailwayShark Experience
Six FlagsSix Flags AmericaSix Flags America/Gallery
Six Flags Discovery KingdomSix Flags Discovery Kingdom/GallerySix Flags Fiesta Texas
Six Flags Great AdventureSix Flags Great AmericaSix Flags Magic Mountain
Six Flags Magic Mountain/GallerySix Flags New EnglandSix Flags Over Georgia
Six Flags Over TexasSix Flags Power PlantSix Flags St. Louis
Six Flags TVSix Flags WikiSpacely's Sprocket Rockets
Superman: Escape from KryptonSuperman: Krypton CoasterSuperman: Ride of Steel
Superman: Ride of Steel (America)Superman: The Ride (Six Flags New England)Superman: Ultimate Flight
Superman: Ultimate Flight (Discovery Kingdom)SylvesterTasmanian Devil
Tasmanian Devil (Looney Tunes)TatsuTava’s Elephant Show
The JokerThe Joker: Chaos CoasterThe Joker (roller coaster)
Thomas TownThomas the Tank EngineThunderbolt (New England)
TimbertownTony HawkTony Hawk's Big Spin
ToyotaTwisted ColossusUltra Twister
V2: Vertical VelocityV2: Vertical Velocity (Discovery Kingdom)V2: Vertical Velocity (Great America)
ViperViper (Great Adventure)Viper (Great America)
Viper (Magic Mountain)VooDooWhistlestop Park
Wicked CycloneWile E. CoyoteX-Flight
X2Yosemite SamZ-Force (Magic Mountain)
ZongaZumanjaro: Drop of Doom
File:054.jpgFile:085.jpgFile:1280px-SFMM- Orient Express.jpg
File:1280px-Tatsu sign.jpgFile:200px-Six Flags logo.svg.pngFile:2019329.png
File:2750505412 d58f7c4fb1.jpgFile:299px-PapaJohns.svg.pngFile:640px-Kingda Ka tower.jpg
File:800px-Six Flags Over Georgia - Main gate.jpgFile:AnimalPortal.jpgFile:Apocalypse the Last Stand.jpg
File:Art Director’s Model for Entry Pavilion.pngFile:Batman.jpgFile:BatmanSFMM.jpg
File:Batman The Ride logo.jpgFile:Batman and Robin Chiller.jpgFile:Bizarro.jpg
File:Bugs Bunny 4.jpgFile:Confederate-flag.jpgFile:Daffy duck-1048.jpg
File:Demon logo.jpgFile:El Toro Wooden Roller Coaster Front Seat POV - Six Flags Great AdventureFile:Example.jpg
File:Feature.pngFile:Forum new.gifFile:France-flag.gif
File:Full Throttle logo.jpgFile:GLGreatAdventureLogo.jpgFile:Gary Goddard on location with Phineas T. Flagg.png
File:Goliath - Magic MountainFile:Goliath Front Seat on-ride HD POV Six Flags Magic MountainFile:Goliath logo (Six Flags Great America).png
File:Goliath logo (Six Flags Magic Mountain).gifFile:Green Lantern.jpgFile:Green Lantern First Flight logo.jpg
File:Herb Ryman’s initial illustration of the Power Plant .pngFile:Kidsongs Ride the Roller Coaster.jpgFile:KingdaKaSFGA.jpg
File:Kingda Ka rollback sign.jpgFile:Kingda ka.jpgFile:Kraft logo.png
File:L;l;;ll;.jpegFile:La Ronde Logo 2012.jpgFile:Looney Tunes logo.jpg
File:MainPageSlider3.PNGFile:MainPageSlider4.PNGFile:Mark pics 1 318.JPG
File:Mark pics 1 322.JPGFile:Medusa logo.jpgFile:Mexico flag.jpg
File:Mr.six2.jpgFile:Ninja logo.jpgFile:Nitro logo.png
File:Normal thomastown04.jpgFile:Normal thomastown15.jpgFile:Opening Flyer.png
File:Pandemonium, Six Flags New England.jpgFile:Park info content photo 2.jpgFile:ParksPortal.jpg
File:Placeholder item.pngFile:Placeholder location.pngFile:Placeholder other.png
File:Placeholder person.pngFile:Professor Phineas T. Flagg.pngFile:Riddler's Revenge - Magic Mountain
File:Riddlersrevengelogo.jpgFile:Ride of steel.jpgFile:RidesPortal.jpg
File:Roadrunner looney tunes.pngFile:SFA-Krypton Comet1.jpgFile:SFA-Krypton Comet2.jpg
File:SFA-Krypton Comet3.jpgFile:SFDK Kong.jpgFile:SFGrAmGoliath new structure 2.jpg
File:SFMM Samurai Summit sign.jpgFile:SFNE Goliath 02.jpgFile:SFNE cyclone.png
File:SFPP-0.pngFile:SFPP.pngFile:Scream! Ride Out Loud logo.jpg
File:Sfa2007map.jpgFile:Sfdk Hammerhead Shark.jpgFile:Sfne Goliath.jpg
File:Sfstl tonyhawk art2.jpgFile:Sfw.pngFile:Six-flags-america-logo-805x1024.jpg
File:SixFlagsLogo.pngFile:Six Flags America logo clean.pngFile:Six Flags Fiesta Texas Batman Logo.jpg
File:Six Flags Great Adventure Logo.pngFile:Six Flags Logo.jpgFile:Six Flags Magic Mountain logo.jpg
File:Six Flags New England 2 logo.pngFile:Six Flags Over Georgia logo.gifFile:Six flags.jpg
File:Spain flag.gifFile:Superman.jpgFile:Superman Escape from Krypton logo.png
File:Superman Ultimate Flight at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom (14156245159) (2).jpgFile:Superman Ultimate Flight logo.gifFile:THBS teaser promo.jpg
File:TTOWN pv.jpgFile:Tatsu Front Seat on-ride HD POV Six Flags Magic MountainFile:Teaser MagicFlyer LA.jpg
File:Teaser Voodoo SANF.jpgFile:Texas flag.gifFile:The Jester - Six Flags New Orleans.jpg
File:The joker chaos coaster sfog logo.jpgFile:Thomas-at-six-flags.jpgFile:Thomastown 26.jpg
File:Thomastown 31.jpgFile:Thumb 63104-sfga-zumanjaro-original.jpgFile:TitleTemplate.png
File:Tony Hawk's Big Spin.jpgFile:Tony Hawk's Big Spin (sign).jpgFile:Tony Hawk's Big Spin Tony Hawk cutout.jpg
File:Tony Hawk's Big Spin halfpipe sign.jpgFile:Tony Hawk's Big Spin layout.pngFile:Tony Hawk 900 spin.jpg
File:Tony Hawk banner 1.jpgFile:Tony Hawk banner 2.jpgFile:Tony Hawk banner 3.jpg
File:Tony Hawk banner 4.jpgFile:Toyota Logo Newes.jpgFile:US flag.gif
File:Ultra Twister at SFGAdv.jpgFile:V2 Vertical Velocity logo.gifFile:Viper at SFGAdv.jpg
File:Viper logo.gifFile:WPPortal.jpgFile:Whistlestop Park logo.png
File:Wiki-wordmark.pngFile:Wile E Coyote.pngFile:X2.png

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