Frontier Adventures is a Western themed area at Six Flags Great Adventure. It opened in 1974.


In 1974, the Rootin’ Tootin’ area of the park opened. This included the Runaway Minetrain Roller coaster and the famous super teepee as well as one of the skyway exits. It was also home to the “Great Arena” venue. During the 1976 season as many park areas were getting rethemes Rootin’ Tootin’ turned into the “Best of the West” themed area. Fireworks were added onto the fort (Runaway Minetrain and Skyway’s station) shortly after. In 1983 paddle boats were added the lake in the area and the future was looking strong as in 1986, Ultra Twister opened a short walk away. Ultra Twister was located where El Toro is located now on the other side of the lake. When Time Warner bought out the park they had big changes for the themed areas of the park. The “Best of the West” themed area had turned into what we know it now as Frontier Adventures.

As more and more rides were added to other places in the park during the Mid-90s (Including Viper across the lake replacing Ultra Twister) Frontier Adventures while still having the classic western charm it still has to this day, it didn’t have many rides. That was until 1999 during the “War on Lines” expansion. Medusa was added to the area in 1999. This state of the art roller coaster manufactured by Bolliger & Mabillard Featured Floorless trains and seven inversions. This brought tons of foot traffic to the area.

The Frontier Adventures area was looking normal until one morning in March of 2008 days prior to the parks season opener. The super teepee, a Great Adventure landmark has been destroyed during a storm. This was and to that day was the icon of Six Flags Great Adventure. It housed many gift shops over the years. It couldn’t have been brought back so it’s structure was ripped down- right in front of those guests who have been coming since the park opening. In 2009 Medusa got a major overhaul to become Bizarro. This including a new theme, a repaint and stunt effects like mist and fire. The track layout wasn’t changed but it was a major save for the dying crowds coming to that area of the park. In 2011 during Hurricane Irene the Frontier Adventures area suffered severe damage and ending up being closed for the remainder of the 2011 season. In 2013 Safari: Off road adventure was added to the area after its drive-through “Wild Safari” closed in 2012.

The Frontier Adventures area hasn’t chnaged a whole lot since it’s debut in 1974. It still has Great Adventure’s oldest roller coaster (Runaway Minetrain) and the skyway as well as newcomers like Bizarro and Safari: Off Road Adventure. The future looks very interesting for this area but we’ll just have to wait and see...

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