The current Fright Fest logo (2012-)

Fright Fest (formerly Fright Nights) is an annual Halloween event at all Six Flags parks. It features various haunted attractions, scare zones, and shows. The first ever Fright Fest event (then Fright Nights) was held at Six Flags AstroWorld in 1986.

Event history

Fright Fest began in 1986 at Six Flags AstroWorld as Fright Nights, and soon went to all the other parks. In 1993, the name was changed to Fright Fest, and the events began to use the year at the end of their names instead of roman numerals.

Six Flags AstroWorld

Fright Fest started at Six Flags AstroWorld in 1986 as Fright Nights.

Six Flags St. Louis

Fright Fest started at Six Flags St. Louis as Fright Nights in 1988, with Freddy Krueger as the host the event. He returned for Fright Nights II, but was retired after that. In 1993, the event got a new host, Dr. Blood, which was shared with Six Flags Over Texas. He was retired after that year. Since then, many popular characters have been created for the event as leads and hosts of various attractions, including Pigman, Sleezy, and Python.

Six Flags Great Adventure

Fright Fest at Six Flags Great Adventure began in 1993.

Six Flags Magic Mountain

Fright Fest at Six Flags Magic Mountain began in 1993.

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