Cyclone (New England)
SFNE cyclone
Cyclone (New England)
Type Wooden
Manufacturer William Cobb & Associates
Model Unknown
Height 112 feet
Length & Speed 3,600 feet & 45 mph

Cyclone was a wooden coaster at Six Flags New England that operated from June 24, 1983 to July 20, 2014. It was originally known as "Riverside Cyclone" During the first season, shoulder belts were added and then removed prior to the second season. In 1984 the trains were damaged and the two damaged trains were combined to make one. In 1985 two new trains were purchased from Morgan. For the 2000 season, two new PTC trains replaced the Morgan trains. On August 28, 2014, SFNE announced Wicked Cyclone, a newer version of the coaster using the iron horse treatment from Rocky Mountain Construction. Most of the support structures would be reused in the new coaster.

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